branding expert

Are you and your company ready for a brand journey which will give you a clear perspective? I am looking forward to guiding you. 

It may be the brand journey of the company, with all its´ various components. Or your own journey, as a personal brand. It may be the combination of these two, where you and your colleagues with pride and ease step into the role of being brand ambassadors.

Everything interlocks. With the assistance of a distinct model, we will simplify the complexity of the brand work. 

With an intentional focus on branding both in-house and towards the market you will be able to strengthen the profitability of the company. As proud brand ambassadors you will be able to add human value to the brand, which is more valuable than anything else.

Varumärke Anna-Karin Lingham

company brand

The market decides how your brand is perceived. You do not get to choose, but you can have a clear impact on it. A clear and attractive brand platform is the foundation to give the market what it wants.


  • Guidance for management teams, boards of directors and companies
  • Branding processes
  • Lectures and workshops
  • Seminars in Sweden and abroad in creative environments
Personligt varumärke Anna-Karin Lingham

PERSONal brand

All you say, do and express matters for how you are perceived by others. The more clear and distinct you are for to yourself, the more clear and distinct you will be to others.

Collaborations will be more simple and fruitful. Decisions will be made easier. Results will be reached faster. The road ahead will be more rewarding and fun.


  • Lectures and workshops
  • Individual guidance
  • Development of management teams and co-workers, both in a group context and one-on-one
  • Seminars in Sweden and abroad in creative environments

Said by a client:

"You have a strengthening effect!”

Varumärkesambassadör Anna-Karin Lingham

brand ambassador

As a leader or co-worker – no matter your work mission – you are one of the most important factors of success for your organization. As a brand ambassador, you are the connection between the business brand and your personal brand. The more clear each brand is and the more in harmony they are with each other, the easier it is to step into the ambassador role with confidence, pride and ease. In this role there are both exciting challenges and possibilities for the development of the company.


  • Guidance for management teams and co-workers/executives.
  • Development processes for companies
  • Lectures and workshops
  • Seminars in Sweden and abroad in creative environments

Said by a seminar participant

"Anna-Karin's course "Visa ditt rätta jag" is a valuable course for anyone who wants to build an authentic, consistent and harmonic professional and personal brand/image. What sets Anna-Karin apart from others is that she skillfully helps her clients develop their identity and brand from within. The course style was enjoyable, full of energy and set in Peyriac de Mer, France. Companies benefit as well because individuals with strong personal brands strengthen the company's brand and leadership. I would highly recommend this course by Anna-Karin."


Anna-Karin Lingham raises thoughts and inspires you in a both serious and light manner. Her lectures work brilliantly in different formats – as a short thought provoker or a longer workshop, with a large auditorium or together with a small group. After her lectures it is very common that participants are bubbling with new thoughts, ideas and energy.

Anna-Karin is a professional member of NSA (National Speakers Association).


Personal branding and ambassadorship

Strengthen the company through distinct, strong and proud co-workers. This is an inspiring seminar which gives you important keys to the role as a brand ambassador.

Profitable company brands

With a clear and distinct brand platform the whole organization will have a compass to guide them in every single decision and process. This seminar will give you tools, examples and ideas.

A more personal leadership

What distinguishes real successful leaders? This is a seminar that challenges you, provokes thoughts, gives examples and guiding tools.

Evolving adventures and challenges

This is an inspirational seminar where adventures on mountains and oceans illustrate how challenges can be used as developing leverages in your company.



"It is people like YOU that we really want to listen to!”

"Thank you for a phenomenal presentation! I am now filled with inspiration.”

"The best speaker that we have had for years."

"Direct and clear."

"Inspiring and informative."

"Your workshop helped me to move on, after having been stuck in a monotonous thought pattern for a long time."

"I gave you a top score in the evaluation!”


You are an executive in your organization – large or small. Sometimes the leadership role feels lonely. I will be your sounding board and your friend along the way. My own experience as a leader, my wisdom and my ability to see things clearly from an outside perspective will help you both in challenging situations of decision making and in the everyday business.

We will meet at your workplace and/or in neutral, energy boosting environments. We can also meet through Skype, to minimize the effect of geographical distances. 

Expect engagement, different perspectives and aha-experiences in straightforward and inspiring conversations!

We meet one-on-one or together with the colleagues in your management team.



"The Mentor of the year has a background as marketing manager of a number of wellknown brands and works today with personal brands. She is an often requested speaker and mentor. In her role as a mentor she takes time to listen and lets the novice direct the dialogue. She gives strength, courage and energy. The mentor or the year acts in a very professional way in all contexts. She is most serious about her role and is highly appreciated by her novice."

The Stockholm Marketing Association

A novice. A mentor. A common journey.

As a mentor I listen to your current situation and am perceptive to which questions that are most important for you to discuss. We plan our meetings together. Expect new insights, inspiration, straightforward conversations and fresh energy!

We will meet at your workplace and/or in neutral, energy boosting environments. We can also meet through Skype, to minimize the effect of geographical distances.

Said by a novice:

"I am always so happy after talking to you.

I feel so light!"


Anna-Karin Lingham writes chronicles, blog posts and articles, usually with a connection to branding, personal branding and ambassadorship. She has written a guidebook in personal branding and there are more books coming up. 


"Anna-Karin is a speaker and writer with a clean, distinct and natural tone of voice. She is a person who in her diction, speech and expression really IS her message!”


An executive leaves on short notice? A turn-over in the company needs an extra boost? The company is going through a reorganization?

As an interim manager I can be a part of your organization for a defined and limited period of time to replace an executive or to run a process of change. The mission can be part-time or full-time and ends when the mission is completed or when your requirements and needs change.

I am a well experienced leader within business development, marketing and branding. During many years I have had leading roles in fast moving consumer goods and premium products.

As a consultant I have had missions as an interim CEO, interim sales manager and as a project manager and branding catalyst.

As an interim manager I can lead and run projects with great regards taken to the conditions of the company, while I also look at the organization and its mission from the outside perspective of a consultant. I am strategic as well as tactical, creative as well as analytical, flexible as well as efficient.

You are most welcome to contact me if you would like to know more or if you would like to discuss a current project.


Your company needs to expand or supplement your management or advisory board? You need competence or more capacity within marketing or branding? You wish for contributions with a different approach, with experience of the clients as well as the vendors and the markets perspective?

I have a vast experience from leading positions in large companies. I have a broad experience from management and advisory boards in different branches of industry, such as marketing, literature, IT technology and FMCG. As a member of a board I have a bird´s view as well as a focus on essential details. I have a mind which is both analytical and creative, can find contexts and reach conclusions. I always focus primarily on results and profitability, with a humane and long-term perspective.

You are most welcome to contact me if you would like to know more or if you would like to discuss a current project.