THE art of branding

I am Anna-Karin Lingham, an international Swede living in Stockholm, Sweden. I work as a branding expert, speaker and writer.

With unique, proven and fine-tuned processes I help you to reach new heights in your brand development. For you as a company it is about profitability and positioning on the market. For you as an individual it means that you can take a better command of what you stand for and how you are perceived.

You will experience clarity, insight and a new perspective. You will notice how your eyes start to glisten when outer and inner pictures are tied together. The results can usually be seen quickly and clearly.


The market determines how your brand is perceived. You can’t tell the market what to think, but you can influence your brand perception to a high degree. With a common view of the brand and a clear strategy, your profitability will be strengthened.

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As a coworker or executive – no matter what your position - you are one of the most essential factors of your company’s success. The more proudly and easily you step into the role of being a brand ambassador, the more fruitful your cooperation with the company will be.

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IN MEDIA (swedish)


We all have a personal brand. It is created by all the impressions we send out in our meetings and interactions with other people. By all we say, do and express. Developing your personal brand is not just about freshening up your outward appearance. We need to build our personal brand from the inside in order to make it strong and trustworthy.

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”Terms like personal brand, identity and being genuine do often sound like “catch” phrases. But Anna-Karin Lingham makes it concrete, useful and clear.”

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