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Anna-Karin Lingham has many years of experience in branding of both companies and individuals. Her background can be found in leading positions in companies like Axfood, Hästens beds and Apotek Hjärtat. Since many years back she has run her company Lingham Enterprise, where she works as a branding expert, speaker and writer. 

In 2013, the first book written by Anna-Karin was launched – Show your true colors (Visa ditt Rätta jag) – a manual for developing your personal brand. Currently my book is available in Swedish.

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Bachelor of Business and marketing from the University of Uppsala.

In addition: Leadership, management, branding strategy, NLP, sales, group dynamics, speech, creativity and more.


Mentor of the year in 2012 and Matrona of the year in 2014.

said about ANNA-KARIN

"In times of hustle, bustle, shallowness and shortsightedness, Anna-Karin walks into a room or onto a stage and mediates easiness, warmth and longterm vision. It is hard to not be enchanted by the wisdom and competence as Anna-Karin shares her stories on branding, ambassadorship and commitment, and the importance it has for the survival and development of the organisation. She listens to the audience and gives concrete advice and tools."

- Eva Jarlsdotter, Lean at home

”Terms like personal brand, identity and being genuine do often sound like “catch” phrases. But Anna-Karin Lingham makes it concrete, useful and clear."   

- Om Magasin, sept 2014

Anna-Karin is also an outdoor adventurer, a singer and an artist.


Expect inspiration and great results as you work with Lingham Enterprise and Anna-Karin Lingham! 

We focus on brand development. It is expressed through speeches, courses, books, e-books and individual coaching. Closely connected to Lingham Enterprise is a network of experts in different areas, who together give us the possibility to offer you a holistic approach on your brand development.

Lingham Enterprise AB was founded in 2007 by Anna-Karin Lingham. Ever since then the vision has been to help companies, leaders and coworkers to open their mental windows, broaden their horizons and step out on new exciting arenas. The company works best and most effectively with those of you who are curious and apt for progress.

Within the company is also a creative business, mainly expressed through paintings and artwork


Lingham Enterprise cooperates with clients in many different lines of business in all shapes and sizes, both local entrepreneurs and international businesses and organizations.


Almi, Almi Gävle Dala, Andersson & Dorsch, Apotekarsocieteten, Apotek Hjärtat, AS3, Barnmorskeförbundet, Berghs School of Communication, Beta Team Performance, CCS Healthcare, Dataton, Falu Kommun, Fryshuset, ICF Sverige, IT Stockholm, Janssen Cilag, Jusek, Läkemedels-akademien, Marknadsföreningen i Göteborg, Marknadsföreningen i Stockholm, Modebutikerna, Mälardalens Högskola, Peak Performance, Pocketstället, Preventum, SprintAd, Stiftelsen Teknikdalen, Svenska Kraftnät, Sveriges Kommunikatörer, Swedavia, Swedish Posture, Trygg Hansa, Västra Djursjukhuset m fl.


In the network surrounding Lingham Enterprise are experts within many different areas. Together we meet your needs of competence and inspiration. Every process becomes unique based on your requests. 

Anna-Karin Lingham plans the process together with you and leads the project in order to give you the best overall solution possible.


Communication, Rhetoric, Diversity, Portrait photography, PR and media strategy, Naming, Social media, Grafic design, Web development, Styling, Health and physical training, Law of branding, Recruitment, Leader development


Nepal och Qatar 1 okt-nov 2008 336.JPG


We travelled to Chamonix in January. To the peaks of the alps, the cold powder snow and adventures. The views of the mountains, the sky and the snow was astounding. The powder snow reached our thighs. We hollered happily down the steep slopes. Delight! A sense of freedom!

I often find myself close to views and free horizons. Not only in a visual way, but also in an intellectual way. To see contexts from high above. To understand relationships and connections. To rinse off anything that disturbs the mind and get a clear view of a question, organization or character. When the perspective is clear it is easy to step into the details. From strategy to tactics.


When I grew up we often had parties at my house. Once a year – just at the shift from winter to spring - my mother would bake pizzas every night for a week to serve lots of guests on the evening of April 30th. We would play, sing and have fun – all generations together. I remember the feeling of everyone being welcome.

I have brought that feeling with me. I like big groups of friends and colleagues, common activities and contexts where everyone participates on the same terms and with a common focus. I am less keen on contexts where one or many participants are excluded.

As I work with groups, that is one of my goals. That everyone is involved. That everyone has the same focus. That everyone feels included. That there is a common experience which strengthens the group and boosts the results.


My grandma is one of the wisest persons I have known. She was a farmer and friends with nature. She wrote fantastic poems, cooked the best meatballs, played the guitar, stroked the heads of her grandchildren and painted china. She was well read, interested in people and societal issues. My Dad used to say that grandma could have become someone grand if she had had the chance to continue her studies. I think that she was someone grand. Not the least was and is she a source of inspiration to me.

Grandma would probably have scoffed a bit at my thoughts about personal branding. ”Is it really something to talk about?” Still there are so any things in what I want to pass on that was valid for her too. She had strong values and stood firmly on a steady ground. She had dreams and goals, also when she got older. She dressed up on Sundays and knew that it made a difference, both to herself and to others. She taught me how to curl my eyelashes and to brush my hair a hundred times. She cared genuinely for others, both the ones close to her and the ones on a world level. She understood that we all make an impression on others, that it affects our relationships and how our lives unfold.

Personal branding has always existed, long before my grandma lived. It has just been called something else, or nothing at all. Since the personal brand has such a great impression on how we feel, what we accomplish and how our relations form, we can not ignore it. Instead we can take care of it and develop it in the best way possible.

The more people I work with, the more convinced I am about the power of the personal brand. Being aware of it can make everyone open up their eyes to all the possibilities they have and to nurture them – both for their own sake and for others.


I can tell when it happens to another person. Their eyes start to sparkle. I imagine that a window is opened and the world out there is suddenly more exciting to step out into.

In personal branding we talk about identity and image, meaning your view of yourself and others view of you. In your identity we can find your core values – key ingredients of your personality that help to motivate you, give you great energy and help you to focus.

When you find your very best and true core values your eyes will hopefully start to sparkle. New or previously hidden windows open up and you will be able to step out onto a new and fresh arena.


When I was about to start my company in 2007 I looked for names which could illustrate my desire for adventure in entrepreneurship. I landed with Lingham Enterprise. It may sound like a delusion of grandeur, if Enterprise is associated with large businesses. At the same time my one-woman-business is an integral part of a much larger professional network.

Enterprise also means Adventure, Endeavor, Initiative, Momentum. Those are things that I want to stand for in my business.

Every client I meet gives me new opportunities for adventure and exciting development. Every project, every lecture and every article I write is a form of adventure.

When curiosity, focus on development and a desire for adventure is part of our work, then we are able to reach results which we have not had access to before.


I have cross country skied 54 miles in slippery tracks, run a marathon without training in much too unfit in rainy, cold and windy weather, skied on very steep mountain sides while overcoming a great fear of heights. I have walked uphill slowly on mountain tracks, experienced altitude sickness on persevered upwards to finally reach an 18 000 ft summit with the reward of watching the sun rise over the top of Mt Everest. Paddled a kayak in high waves trying not to capsize. Stayed too long at a workplace which was unhealthy, believing that it would soon get better. I have held on and been persistent in many different kinds of contexts, both professionally and private.

But is perseverance a good thing? Sometimes it strengthens the character and is a condition to reach the next level. Sometimes it is almost stupid, repressive and perhaps even dangerous. The trick is to know where we cross the line. When is the time to give up and choose a different road? I do not have a distinct answer, but I do trust that every experience makes me a little bit wiser.

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